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I use to played Gaiaonline, funny  website and I love gaia avatar really cute ^o^

long time ago I want to find gold from drawing commission but.... I can't because I don't have time for its. I think if I want gold for game I can't find money in real life sure, so I give up this web and do better thing in real world. until 2010 and today!!! I visit Gaia online again because I just make dream avatar, OH GOD really interesting I can dress anything!!!


Estimated value 3,032,101 Gold

oh GOD!!! How much commission??


Estimated Value 1,281,420 Gold

wow cheeper than the first!!


Estimated Value  3,051,015 Gold (the most expensive!!!)

wow!!! really fun!!! I think I play this it's really really fun than I play in real gaia, I want to build cute charater in various style and this web is my answer!!!


I want to do another avatar soon and goodbye my gaia.... T[]T (I can't remember my password and this web not allow me correct this, ah.... really sad T[]T)

oh I build this character and I want draw them very much ^o^ (cool....cool)

edit!! I just access my gaia! here my avatar!! (really basic)

Alto Saotome :: Macross Frontier

My rainbow color~

woooo I found this quiz form hikawasa about my rainbow color~ look interesting and do it do it~~~~~


Your rainbow is intensely shaded indigo, pink, and white.


What is says about you: You are a grateful person. You appreciate quiet moments. People depend on you to make them feel secure. Friends count on you for being honest and insightful.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.


>> I still waiting for Macross F vocal collection Nyan Tama, 1/72 VF-25F and MG Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode oh...GOD!!! my money!!!

>> reading Twilight (but I can not find New Moon in Thai edition <<I lazy to read English edition -_-" ) and if I read Twilight finish I'll read Eclipse continue.

>> I just order Xenocide (Ender's saga) Thai edition, oh GOD.... in Thailand Ender not popular!!! and They print book three on demand (sad for very good sci-fi T T ah.....................)

>> Hoshi-san in Tytania I don't like Bal'ami Tytania but I love Hoshi-san voice and for seiyuu awards I vote him~ XD

>> my new hobby is gunpla and plastic model!!! ( I'll take a photo soon for nearly finish gunpla <<1/100 Justice Gundam and more BB Gundam) I still collect money for gundam marker OH!!! I want them!!!

PS. I must start HNY pic!!!! orz

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Ranka&amp;Aikun :: Macross Frontier



I have one thinking.... want to open commission in DA.... oh...today I'm performing to learn internet banking, main target is internet buying but.....I want to make money from my art too (get money for buying more!!! and more!!! << more than money limit per year he he~) I don't know if I open commission in DA, I can do this?? oh..... this thinking make me remind about all incomplete and drop art!!!!


OH GOD!!! I'm very scare my lazy!!!!


my everyday status still writing....writing... and.... writing.... oh...


it's my fiction!!!!!!

I just post my character in DA recent,



here!! >>

OK.... for commission.... it's future plan and now I don't think any more...... because I want to upgrade my computer first and after upgrade I'll think about commission again~

booooo!!!! what about this journal?? I just complain??


(ah... colorful journal.....)
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Brera Sterne (Again) :: Macross Frontier

just complain~

I just found Dear You -Trust- [Keiichi version] , I don't know is this Hoshi-san voice (but I think it's Hoshi-san!!!!)

ah.....for anime next season, I still find Hoshi-san work I want to listen his voice but.... now I know he narrate only one is Vampire Knight!!!! OH....GOD........ I dislike Vampire Knight anime!!! (in last season, I see only first episode and drop them << I dislike op-ed and anime  -*- )

I think.... in October maybe.... I'll find Hoshi-san's old work such as Higurashi?? (ah.... T T )

HOSHI-SAN!!!! I want to see your brand new anime!!!!!!! ToT

(spring anime, very good season because Brera-sama and Gino!!!!!)
JoC icon ME

vocaloid... Kaito and Miku

woo...Kaito look cute ^o^ (I always love boy or men with blue hair) so I find his song and finally met this


it's duet song of Miku and Kaito

"The same way"


If it was the same as back then,
If I were crying at a vacant land
Would you again defend me the same way as back then?
That time I just thought about becoming your bride,
Without really thinking anything.

And from now on, the same way again...
Let's go for a walk, holding hands. Wherever we want to.


If it was the same as back then,
If your face were soaked with tears.
I would probably take on flight again to protect you,
The same way as back then.
Back then why [???]
I just didn't want to see your crying face.

In the future also, always the same way...
Please don't [???] that never changing smile. Forever.


That time I wasn't really thinking anything.
But when I noticed, we were always together.
And from now on, the same way again...
Let's go for a walk, holding hands. Wherever we want to.


I copy translation from Youtube comment that really lovely song XD~~~~~~~